Five points of care for your employees

1. Company respects and certifies every employee, listens to different opinions and suggestions of every employee, does not boss employees around, and highly protects the legitimate rights of employees in all aspects;

2. The manager of YouYun 'an shall fully understand the staff's family situation, educational background, personality, specialty and physical condition, etc.And learn about the needs of employees, and then carry out professional guidance and training for employees;

3. The manager should take the initiative to communicate with employees, care about their working conditions and whether they have difficulties in life, and provide timely help and guidance;

4. Youyunan shall conduct physical examination for employees and offer condolences to their families in need from time to time;

5. Youyun'an's incentive system enables employees to be self-driven, manage themselves well, and make continuous progress in work and life.


Post time: Jun-09-2020