High quality helmet is the best guarantee for riding safety!

Motorcycles, electric bikes and cars are the most deadly vehicles in traffic accidents, according to official statistics from the Institute.Among them, motorcycle, electric riding by accident, death by about 80% for not wearing safety helmets, cause head injuries and deaths, according to a report by the American highway safety insurance shows that people in crash helmets on their head injury can reduce the risk of 85%, 45% to 88% of head injuries can be avoided by wearing a helmet.Relevant research results show that when the accident happened, riding helmets can absorb most of the impact force, cushion, shock protection, can make the victim was down 70%, mortality rates fell by 40%, not wearing a helmet head injuries rate is 2.5 times that of a helmet or fatal don’t wear a helmet is 1.5 times of wearing helmets, helmet for electric bicycle driver, equivalent to car drivers that your seat belt, is the last line of defense when the rider is in danger.Therefore, the quality of the helmet is particularly important, as security provider of smart helmet, we are very pay attention to the quality of the helmet and safety coefficient, we are offering a product helmet each certification testing units will be higher than international standards, the safety and quality in the first place, at the same time to provide more convenient and fashionable helmet, better firm support for green safe riding, effective global energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Post time: Sep-02-2020