Support green travel and ensure riding safety

Cycling has many benefits.This range includes personal, economic, social, environmental, etc. Riding a bike is a good way to exercise.It's also a simple and environmentally friendly way to get around.Because of the many advantages of cycling, there are more people in the world who own bicycles than cars.Due to people's attention to green, environmental protection and climate, the number of people cycling to and from work has increased significantly. According to relevant data, the number of people cycling to and from work has reached 5.4% annual growth rate, exceeding the global population growth rate of 1.2%.With the increase of global green travel and cycling, it is conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction, alleviating road public transport congestion, as well as global temperature and other problems, which had strengthened people's own physical quality, but the subsequent safety accidents brought by cycling are also not to be ignored.In order to better ensure green and safe cycling, Australian mathematician Jack.Using data from a global study, Dr Oliver found that wearing helmets was crucial to the safety of cyclists.The study shows that more than 60,000 cyclists worldwide who have been involved in accidents have a 70% lower risk of head injury because they wear helmets.In recent years, governments around the world have also attached importance to cycling safety, suggesting that people wear formal and qualified cycling helmets. In Australia and New Zealand, in particular, in order to ensure more riders' safety, helmets must be worn on cycling.Can ordinary helmet ride now increasingly today, the road is more and more congested today, especially the light is dim, road congestion and intersection turning as riding accident will happen and, in order to better ensure the safety of the rider, meet the demand of the market, on intelligent riding helmet from Yunyunan arises at the historic moment! With a R&D team with more than 10 years of experience in helmet research and development, it should take more than two years of repeated design, testing and verification, etc., and have passed a variety of safety certifications worldwide;Body feeling control system has the exclusive worldwide innovation smart helmet, no need for the remote control can remind vehicles and pedestrians, including warning, cycling steering warning, brake always ride warning functions such as automatic intelligent helmet, so that more focus when riding, without having to press the remote controller, can control the turn signal, through the body feeling alone to bring vehicles and pedestrians to do prevention and avoidance, more effective in reducing riding accident!It's safer, more convenient, and smarter than a normal helmet or a remote with a steering indicator.For the global green travel, better security to make due contribution!


Post time: Sep-02-2020